Why Website REdesign

Why Website REdesign

There are several reasons you should ask Why Website REdesign for your existing site.  Four reasons to consider a redesign is if your site needs an update in construction, function, visual appeal, or a true content management system (CMS).  A REdesign of your site may be needed in order to take advantage of newer web elements for web browsers today.

Bridge Way Creative - construction
Compare the house flip construction to a REdesign of a web site and they are similar.  It’s an easy call to update content, change the color scheme, and make the transition to a drop down menu.  Some of the problems with your site can be due to poor construction, the part of your site that no one even sees.  The user could experience long wait times as your pages load.  Nothing is worse than viewing a site and seeing a mysterious “?” where an image is supposed to be.  

Bridge Way Creative - function
Function is the way it works for you the owner of the site and any admin accessibility you desire, and also for the online viewer and the way they are able to get the information they seek.  Maybe you want to add more pages to your menu bar but it wasn’t built with the width you need to get all of the new pages to line up properly on the bar.  A drop down menu is a great function to achieve multiple pages to be accessed from your menu bar without cluttering up the line listing page after page.

Bridge Way Creative - visual appeal
I’m sure visual appeal is reason number one for REdesign in most peoples mind including mine. In fact how can you think of anything else the moment the page loads and you see out of date content, fonts, and graphics.  Our eyes are trained to recognize a some what recent website by the overall flow and layout.  We associate a great site with great visual appeal and your site should rank high in the category as well.

Bridge Way Creative - CMS
Maybe your design is current and functioning correctly.  The next question is whether your content is up to date. Having a web site is easy.  It takes little to no time at all to set a basic web site up.  There’s a difference between putting up a web site and putting content up on a web site.  Most businesses or organizations will use their domain as an address card for basic contact information and be satisfied.

Bridge Way Creative can REdesign your site providing you with a content management system that allows you the ability to add, edit, and change your content from anywhere you have an internet connection.  Don’t waste a great design with old content.  Contact us to get started on your REdesign.

Web design has taken giant leaps forward over the past few years.  Now is not the time to opt out of a game of leap frog.  Chances are if your site has not been designed or redesigned during the last couple of years your business or message has been jumped over by your competition and they have taken your audience with them.

Bridge Way Creative can help.  We can REdesign your current site bringing you back in the game of an ever changing internet community.  Let us give your business or message a web makeover so you aren’t passed over when your site is pulled up on someone’s web browser.