Website Redesign


Website REdesign for your existing site is something to consider if your site needs an update in construction, function, or visual appeal.  A REdesign of website may be needed in order to take advantage of newer web elements for web browsers today.  When the function of your site limits what your audience can see and do while viewing your site a redesign is in order.  Let’s face it, a fresh paint job can make the oldest of homes appear a little brighter.  We can redesign your entire site with a new color theme incorporating the construction and function mentioned above.

Web design has taken giant leaps forward over the past few years.  Now is not the time to opt out of a game of leap frog.  Chances are if your site has not been designed or redesigned during the last couple of years your business or message has been jumped over by your competition and they have taken your audience with them.

Bridge Way Creative can help.  We can redesign your current site bringing you back in the game of an ever changing internet community.  Let us give your business or message a web makeover so you aren’t passed over when your site is pulled up on someone’s web browser.

Maybe your design is current and functioning correctly.  The next question is whether your content is up to date.  Having a web site is easy.  It takes little to no time at all to set a basic web site up.  There’s a difference between putting up a web site and putting content up on a web site.  Most businesses or organizations will use their domain as an address card for basic contact information and be satisfied.

Bridge Way Creative can redesign your site providing you with a content management system that allows you the ability to add, edit, and change your content from anywhere you have an internet connection.  Don’t waste a great design with old content..