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Kids everywhere are preparing to be treated to free candy as they give someone the option to trick them or treat them.  No kid is actually prepared to receive a trick over an individually wrapped piece of something sweet.  I guess it’s more of an ultimatum instead of asking for a treat.  You can give me a treat or I will come back and get you with a trick!  Still not sure which way that goes.

Web REdesign can be the same way.  No one is prepared to be tricked by the web designer’s finished creation.  It can happen though.  There’s a trust level that the client has to put up for deposit which is more valuable than any dollar amount.  Web REdesign isn’t simply about updating content.  That’s called “updating content.”

A web REdesign is about giving you more than a visual appeal with better construction and function of your site.  It’s about giving you a brand new site without the headaches of a site not working for you.

Let us help you with your web REdesign and get your website in a position where it can work for you!.

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