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There are some household chores that are tolerable and others that are avoidable by any means necessary. Vacuuming and mowing the lawn are great instant satisfaction chores. Wait, does that even exist? Using the words satisfaction and chores in the same sentence doesn’t normally end well for the one performing the chore.

Turning on the vacuum cleaner and surveying the floor as you set out with a clear goal to clean the carpet of any trash, dirt, food, or debris makes the end result sweet. By the time you are done and rolling up the cord and survey the same carpet you get instant satisfaction knowing you accomplished your goal.

Website REdesign is similar. Surveying a website in

need of a REdesign with an end goal in mind is extremely important. Most just want the true instant satisfaction of the project being done and saying goodbye to an outdated site.

In order to truly solve REdesign let’s take a look back at the beginning goals written down. Those goals should have been achieved when the REdesign was completed. So we’re done right? Floor was vacuumed dirt is gone carpet is clean. Well, how many times has your floor been vacuumed in your home? Only once?

Floors are walked on and used daily and get dirty all over again. Solving REdesign is taking that same approach when it comes to your website as it gets traffic daily. Not that your site can break or get digitally dirty from web traffic but the goals checked off in the beginning should be reevaluated.

This will ensure that your website REdesign wasn’t just a one time project but a new manageable program. No more outdated site lacking current and relevant content. Solve REdesign by continuing to evaluate your website making sure your audience gets your very best..

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