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You learn something new everyday.  That’s what people say when they learn something new that’s not that important.  Well, if…

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You learn something new everyday.  That’s what people say when they learn something new that’s not that important.  Well, if it’s true then by the end of the week I should have learned seven new things.  I’m not quite sure I will be lucky enough to learn seven new things each week but I will at least be bringing you seven new things.  It could be a new book I’m reading, a new product I’m enjoying or new blog I found.  So here’s the first installment.

  1. My friend Taylor recommended a new book.  He knows how much I enjoy amazing podcasts and how intrigued I am with storytelling.  Out On The Wire by Jessica Abel.  Super cool book told in a graphic narrative.  Behind the scenes of seven popular radio shows and podcasts.

  3. New addition to my creative space.  I got a record player for Christmas.  I set it up in the office this week and have enjoyed listening to the unmistakable crackle when you set the needle down on a spinning record.

  5. Inspiration has a shelf life.  Act now before convenience convinces you it’s just not worth it.

  7. Creative conversations lead to the desire to create. Creativity is contagious.  This past week every night my 11 year old and I talk about what inspires us to create and what new idea we are dreaming up.  We had our first coffee shop work session with journals in tow.

  9. I learned I feel bad for Mr. Goodbar.  The overwhelming opinion is that it’s not such a good bar of chocolate.  The yellow wrapper is all I see when digging through the Christmas candy bowl.

  11. I learned that I’ve said more to the stranger I’m sitting next to in the movie theater now that the seats are reserved.  I rarely acknowledged the stranger in the old setting.  I swear the old seats were much closer but when walking into the seat I feel like I’m about to sit on their lap.  So I simply say hi and that’s by far more than I said before.

  13. What you do everyday matters so make today count.  This is something I said last year several times.  The newness to this for me is you should do something that you love, brings you happiness, or makes you better.  If any of those three are checked chances are you’ll be back tomorrow.
my seven

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You learn something new everyday.  That’s what people say when they learn something new that’s not that important.  Here are…

You learn something new everyday.  That’s what people say when they learn something new that’s not that important.  Here are seven things I learned or new things I discovered over the past seven days.

“Audience” seemed to be a theme for the week.  Inspiration and quitting also played a key role.

1 – An audience provides additional motivation.  I had this thought on a day that I really didn’t want to write.  I wrote people are counting on you for “the short” my Saturday post that is supposed to be shorter, straight forward and to the point.

2 – 34 words and 300 words are the same.  It takes me just as long to write “the short” as it does any other post.  And I was originally proud of myself for coming up with the idea to save me time on the weekend.

3 – Inspiring Read.  3 Writing Prompts That Will Rekindle Your Writing Enthusiasm written by Sarah Gribble for  It really inspired a way of thinking and believing success.  Not just skipping to the end result and accepting the award but what it took to earn it.  This article can be applied to anything you want to achieve success in not just writing.

4 – Reformat, Restructure or Reboot.  Don’t Quit.  A week in to committing to write and post daily and I was ready to reformat my entire approach.  That or quit.  I’m glad I’m asking and answering these questions instead of giving up without a fight.

5 – I fix my hair less in the winter time.  hats > hair wax in the winter.

6 – Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is on Netflix!  I watched when it was webisodes so it’s nice to watch on Netflix.  Jerry Seinfeld takes a comedian out for coffee where they talk in a casual setting instead of a regular interview format.  Jerry picks out a car that reminds him of the comedian and then picks them up.  I love hearing successful people talk about how hard they worked to make it.  The odd jobs they had just to make ends meet before being discovered.  Great show you would love it.

7 – Does your work inspire you?  Read your work and become your own audience.  After reading pretend it was from a different author.  Did it motivate, inspire or move you enough to share with someone?


7 mailboxes pic by: Jerry Kiesewetter

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