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keep your visitors longer with a redesign website that works

A REdesign Website that works goes beyond visual appeal and the nuts and bolts of the construction and function of the actual website.  A REdesign website that works is one that attracts your target audience in like a magnetic pull.  Whether they have been to your website before the REdesign or they are visiting for the very first time.  One stat that Google analytics tracks is Bounce Rate.  This is used with visits your website gets and Average Visit Duration.  If you have one visit and your Average Visit Duration is 0:00 in time spent on that visit your Bounce Rate will be 100%.

A REdesign website that works will get you the results you need when it comes to your “office” online.  People that walk into your virtual office have a better chance of doing business with you the longer they are surfing your pages finding out who you are and what you can do for them.  When we talk with clients who are ready for a website redesign we ask them to rely on their own browsing experiences.  If we can think like our target audience it can help us get the most out of our REdesign project.

Have you ever performed a perfect Bounce Rate?  Well, you have if you searched for something on world wide web and clicked one of the top results for your keyword search and immediately after the page loads you click the back button to retreat to the search results.  You spent zero time on their site, viewed only one page, and performed a perfect 100% Bounce Rate.  What led to the quick retreat?  Several reasons could have led to your decision.  The design could have been outdated, your keyword search might not have been as defined, or you clicked with the expectation of getting the information you are looking for.

Think like your target audience and layout your site with a bullseye target directed at your key information so each click hits the target.  Work on the visual appeal that demands the attention and time of the browser even if they stumbled upon your site by accident.  We can help you with a REdesign Website that works!

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