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REdesign for Visual Appeal

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Checking off our list of reasons to REdesign we’ve covered construction and function.  Now we will add visual appeal to the checked boxes on our list for reasons to REdesign.

I’m sure visual appeal is reason number one for website REdesign in most peoples mind including mine. In fact how can you think of anything else the moment the page loads and you see out of date content, fonts, and graphics.  Our eyes are trained to recognize a some what recent website by the overall flow and layout.  No content or graphics contained in a building block type set up on the page but more of a free flowing layout.  We associate a great site with great visual appeal and your site should rank high in that category as well.

If your website has fallen victim to time gone by without a REdesign and has lost it’s visual appeal you may be wondering what’s next.

The first thing you may think of is blowing the whole thing up and starting from scratch. That may be necessary in some cases!  We recommend taking a deep breathe first.  Form a plan for the direction that is best for your site saving what you can before the REdesign process begins.

What current features do you like about your site?  What pages work for your message and what pages are you lacking to paint a clear picture of who you are and what you offer?

Content is king and if you are lucky enough to have good content and keywords then let us focus on a new design and implement the content and features that still work for your site.  If content is king then visual appeal is queen.  Maybe your site just needs a little help when it comes to the visual side of the discussion.  A total REdesign may not be necessary but a fresh new look with a new color scheme or a design that goes with your brand new logo may be in order..

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