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REdesign for Function

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Reasons for REdesign can be numerous.  Chances are the many reasons you may have all fall under the category of visual appearance.  None of those reasons would probably line up under function as a reason for REdesign.  Don’t confuse function with construction although they can be similar.  The construction of the site makes the function of the site possible.  Think of it as the concrete slab for which the house is being built.  If the slab wasn’t poured and prepared properly there wouldn’t be enough room for that last minute porch you added.

Your site should be constructed with the way you want your site to function.

Function is the way it works for you the owner of the site and any admin accessibility you desire, and also for the online viewer and the way they are able to get the information they seek.  Maybe you want to add more pages to your menu bar but it wasn’t built with the width you need to get all of the new pages to line up properly on the bar.  A drop down menu is a great function to achieve multiple pages to be accessed from your menu bar without cluttering up the line listing page after page.

I know we immediately connect with a site based on how the site looks.  If a site looks as if it needs a REdesign based on it’s visual appearance we jump to the next important factor for browsing a site, the information.  If the information is out dated and no longer relevant the back button is the next button to be clicked.  If the site fails on visual appearance but passes on information then next up to perform it’s task is Mr. Function.

The function of the site is what the user ultimately relates to the most.  How they navigate around the site, how the buttons or links send them to the next information pad, how they can quickly review pages on your site through your main menu, and how they ultimately decide if your site is bookmarked or found again in browsing history for a REvisit..

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