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What’s the best part about a new car?  Is it the odometer with more zeroes before actual numbers representing low miles?  New features of the car as the latest technology is incorporated into the dashboard and beyond?  Could it be the new car smell?

What’s the best part about a new website?  New color scheme matching the latest version of your company or organization?  New features connecting your site with the social community and the navigation flow of your site these new features allow?  Having the most current content, photos, and business information?  Could it be the new website smell?

We can debate over the best part about a new car.  In my opinion it’s the new car smell.  Everything else over time doesn’t matter as much as you expect to put miles on your vehicle unless you bought it just to look at.  The cool new features are great and slowly blend into the vehicle as always being there.  But the smell, there’s no getting that back.  We try and recreate it in air fresheners and sprays but it’s never the same.

When it comes to a new website the best part may in fact be the design and new features.  But that blends in after a while and before you know it the site is no longer current in content but is in looks.  That’s where the power of a content management system (CMS) comes in.  You can simply login to your website with a CMS and edit your pages, photos, promotional events, you name it.  With a CMS your content never has to be outsourced to a web guy if you don’t want it to be.  You can schedule your own routine for adding new content and with consistency have your audience know what days to expect the latest from you and find your web traffic benefit from a CMS.

Just like there’s no true substitute for a new car smell, there’s no substitute for a true CMS on your website.  Let’s face it, why would you visit a website in consecutive days if not months if the site looks the same.  While it makes no sense to have a new design every month it makes perfect sense that up to date content can serve as a new website look for your target audience.  A CMS is the easiest way to achieve that..

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