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We outlined three main reasons for REdesign in Reasons for REdesign.  One of the reasons to consider a REdesign for your site is the CONSTRUCTION of your site.  Flipping houses has become very popular and proving very beneficial financially speaking.  Skilled people that know construction with an eye for transforming an older house into a desirable new home truly have a gift.  They have to determine what has to be fixed and what needs to be fixed while staying under budget in order to make a profit in the end.

The visual picture of out dated curtains, wallpaper, and carpet provides an easy call for an upgrade in the list of things to do.  Bringing an old out dated kitchen back to life with a modern look with new appliances is another easy call to make.  The tougher decisions involve reviewing the inspectors report concerning old electrical wiring or cracks in the foundation that can lead to major problems.  These are crucial issues that can cost a lot of money during construction.  Often times these are issues that the potential buyer never even sees while standing in a newly renovated modern kitchen.

Compare the house flip construction to a REdesign of a website and they are similar.  It’s an easy call to update content, change the color scheme, and make the transition to a drop down menu.  Some of the problems with your site can be due to poor construction, the part of your site that no one even sees.  The user could experience long wait times as your pages load.  Nothing is worse than viewing a site and seeing a mysterious “?” where an image is supposed to be.  Going back to the house flip, why aren’t houses built like they used to be?  Because there are better more efficient ways when it comes to some aspects of construction.  We want to make sure that those same better and efficient methods are being applied to your website design or REdesign..

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