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In this day and time everyone has a website. New domain name purchases take a while to nail down because most first and second choices are already taken. A website is a powerful tool for any business or organization and should be high on your priority list of things to protect. One way you can protect your website is making sure it’s the most current and adequate representation of your business or organization. If it’s not and your graphics and content are out of date then it’s time to become familiar with “website redesign”.

website redesign project is not something to take on just because you are bored. Take some time to analyze your site or better yet have a friend or an outside source look at your site and offer their browsing experience of your domain. This will give you a solid understanding of how your site measures up. We strongly encourage you to do this if your site is older. Chances are, with time your site may not be making the same impression it did when it was first built. We suggest four main reasons for website redesign.

The first reason for you to consider website redesign is CONSTURCTION. Much like architectural beauties over time, some need work to ensure they keep standing. As beautiful as they are visually, if you took the time to look underneath you may think twice before trusting their stability with your life. The construction of a website is no different. It may still look fine visually but if there are cracks in the foundation it may not be in your best interest to trust it’s stability with your domain.

Another reason to make a pro and con list of for potential website redesign is FUNCTION. Don’t confuse function with construction although they can be similar. Depending on when your site was built there’s a chance that when you are ready to update your site with some of the latest features you see on other sites it’s not possible. Some of the features can’t function with what people are using today. Flash is one example. A few years ago if you didn’t have a flash intro your site was automatically boring and out of date. Now, the same thing may be said if you do have a flash intro. Flash isn’t viewable on some mobile devices losing the one impression you were trying to make.

One of the easier reasons to spot if you are a candidate for website redesign is VISUAL APPEAL. This reason doesn’t require that much explanation. But visual appeal is probably the most important. When someone clicks on your site they make a decision in seconds whether or not they plan to spend another second on your site. There are plenty of great examples of sites in need of a website redesign based on visual appeal, make sure your website isn’t one of those examples.

The final reason we recommend a website redesign is for a CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS). If your website doesn’t currently have one consider a redesign to add this feature. A brand new design with eye-catching graphics and great built-in features with upgraded function eventually wears off. Updated content and information you are providing your target audience is what earns you a bookmark and repeat visits. Skip the middle man in updating your pages and information. You can simply login to your website with a CMS and edit your pages, photos, promotional events, you name it. With a CMS your content never has to be outsourced to a web guy if you don’t want it to be. You can schedule your own routine for adding new content and with consistency have your audience know what days to expect the latest from you and find your web traffic benefit from a CMS.

Consider these four reasons as a start to your research on your website. Ask yourself the tough questions and try and answer them honestly when reviewing your website as an online visitor. A little time and effort invested into the creation of your website initially will pay off even more as you invest in the care and protection of your website today..

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