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We like routines and comfort zones.  It’s easy to embrace the familiar and reject change when it means leaving something that we know.  Being a coffee drinker can put things into perspective.  A routine of having a morning cup of coffee can be so important that the day just can’t get off to a good start unless java is consumed.  Home brewers are firmly planted in their morning brewing process.

Much like a product that you own or promote there are levels of routine and comfort zones that go along with the product.  The website that is used to market that product can fall into the same category.  In talking with some clients they are very adamant about NOT changing specific elements with their website.  They have become attached to the way it looks and represents their product or some just don’t like change.

When is it a good time to alter that morning coffee routine?  When the coffee routine can be made better.  Take for instance the french press lover who enjoys the taste and brewing process each morning.  All it would take for them to have second thoughts about changing is a day with a Keurig home brewer.  They might have to rethink change when they are presented with faster brewing time, easier clean up process, and the same great taste.

Improve your product with website REdesign.  I know change is not everyone’s favorite topic of conversation but improvement normally ranks high.  When you can improve your product in the eyes of consumers by making changes to better your pitch why wouldn’t you?  Sometimes when we resist change we are opening the door to blend in and be passed up by those who are embracing the newest methods.

Build your credibility as a company or organization who is committed to staying at the top by considering change and improving your look, message, or services.  Don’t get passed by because your routine or comfort zone is holding you back..

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