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In this day and time everyone has a website. New domain name purchases take a while to nail down because most first and second choices are already taken. A website is a powerful tool . . .
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Gap or Canyon

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When is the right time to REdesign?  This article may suggest your audience isn’t always in favor of a new look.  In our previous blog post about The Golden Arches of Design we referred to the power of the design being appealing with a meaningful message.  When the appeal and the message starts to lose their power it’s time to brainstorm for a way to captivate your target audience once again.  Knowing when to commit . . .
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A design is good as long as it’s appeal and message are meaningful.  Over time a design may need to be tweaked or changed to continue making an impression on it’s audience.  Think back to when you were a kid and you were lucky enough to eat at a special place that had a playground and giant golden arches.  If you happen to pass by the same kid friendly establishment those golden arches haven’t changed.  They are still pretty meaningful and have the . . .
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