consider cost, value, and overall product

Affordable is a great word. In our mind it pertains to more than just the bottom dollar amount. When something is affordable in our minds we are also considering value with the price tag. Learning the lesson of getting good value for the price we pay is more . . .
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keep your visitors longer with a redesign website that works

A REdesign Website that works goes beyond visual appeal and the nuts and bolts of the construction and function of the actual website.  A REdesign website that works is one that attracts your target audience in like a magnetic pull.  Whether they have been to your website before . . .
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important keys to remember in creating visual appeal

We’ve gone over in our previous posts about our four reasons for website REdesign.  One of the reasons to consider a REdesign for your website is to correct or improve your site’s visual appeal.  Let’s look at three keys . . .
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improve your product with redesign

We like routines and comfort zones.  It’s easy to embrace the familiar and reject change when it means leaving something that we know.  Being a coffee drinker can put things into perspective.  A routine of having a morning cup of coffee can be so important that the day just can’t get off to a good start unless java is consumed.  Home brewers . . .
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Solving REdesign

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solve website redesign

There are some household chores that are tolerable and others that are avoidable by any means necessary. Vacuuming and mowing the lawn are great instant satisfaction chores. Wait, does that even exist? Using the words satisfaction and chores in the same sentence doesn’t normally end well for the one performing the chore.

Turning on the vacuum cleaner and surveying the floor as you set out with a clear goal to clean the carpet of any trash, dirt, food, or debris makes the end result sweet. By the time you are done and rolling up the cord and survey the same carpet you get instant satisfaction knowing you accomplished your goal.

Website REdesign is similar. Surveying a website in

. . .
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content management system

What’s the best part about a new car?  Is it the odometer with more zeroes before actual numbers representing low miles?  New features of the car as the latest technology is incorporated into the dashboard and beyond?  Could it be the new car smell?

What’s the best part about a new website?  New color scheme matching the latest version of your company or organization?  New features connecting your site with the . . .
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Bridge Way Creative - visual appeal

Checking off our list of reasons to REdesign we’ve covered construction and function.  Now we will add visual appeal to the checked boxes on our list for reasons to REdesign.

I’m sure visual appeal is reason number one for website REdesign in most peoples mind including mine. In fact how can you think of anything else the moment the page loads and you see out of date content, fonts, and graphics.   . . .
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Reasons for REdesign can be numerous.  Chances are the many reasons you may have all fall under the category of visual appearance.  None of those reasons would probably line up under function as a reason for REdesign.  Don’t confuse function with construction although they can be similar.  The construction of the site makes the function of the site possible.  Think of it as the concrete slab for which the house is being built.  If the slab wasn’t poured and prepared properly there wouldn’t be enough room for that last minute porch you added. . . .
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Kids everywhere are preparing to be treated to free candy as they give someone the option to trick them or treat them.  No kid is actually prepared to receive a trick over an individually wrapped piece of something sweet.  I guess it’s more of an ultimatum instead of asking for a treat.  You can give me a treat or I will come back and get you with a trick!  Still not sure which way that goes.

Web REdesign can be the same way.  No one is prepared to be tricked by the web designer’s finished creation.  It can happen though.  There’s a trust level that the client has to put up for deposit which is more valuable than any dollar amount.  Web REdesign isn’t simply about updating content.  That’s called “updating content.”

A web REdesign is about giving you more than a visual appeal with better construction and function of your site.  It’s about giving you a brand new site without the headaches of a site not working for you.

Let us help you with your web REdesign and get your website in a position where it can work for you!.

Bridge Way Creative for Redesign

We outlined three main reasons for REdesign in Reasons for REdesign.  One of the reasons to consider a REdesign for your site is the CONSTRUCTION of your site.  Flipping houses has become very popular and proving very beneficial financially speaking.  Skilled people that know construction with an eye for transforming an older house into a desirable new home truly have a gift.  They have to determine what has to be fixed and . . .
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