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important keys to remember in creating visual appeal

We’ve gone over in our previous posts about our four reasons for website REdesign.  One of the reasons to consider a REdesign for your website is to correct or improve your site’s visual appeal.  Let’s look at three keys to REdesign for visual appeal that you shouldn’t leave out of your REdesign project.

1. Branding.  This seems like a no brainer that would not fall below the list of priorities in the new look or design of a website.  We aren’t talking about merely positioning your logo at the top of the home page and considering the task complete.  Your website REdesign should include proper branding of your logo and message throughout your site.  Branding your website properly will create a visual appeal that is recognizable to your target audience creating a mental snapshot of who you are, what you offer, and why you are the right choice for them.

2. Clean Simple Design.  We love to be wowed when seeing something for the first time.  Taken back when looking at something that we haven’t really seen before is a result some people are looking for when people browse their site for the first time.  A wow effect is great but a short lived experience after the initial sight.  Having a clean simple design frees up the person viewing your site to sit back and see the whole picture of who you are and what you offer.  Sticking to clean and simple allows your message and services to be memorable and not a slick cool web trick that impresses once per click.

3. Easy Navigation.  “Click Here” is code for: “You have no idea this is a link.”  The flow of a website is very important when considering the visual appeal of your website REdesign.  Color schemes and amazing graphics are important but don’t lose sight of the impression you can make visually when it comes to having a sight that’s easy to navigate.  Setting up your pages and the flow of your site is more important than getting your target audience to find your website.  It’s the one thing that keeps someone from bailing too soon because they can’t find what they are looking for in the first place.

All 3 Keys to REdesign for Visual Appeal tie in together perfectly providing one strong REdesign with a powerful visual appeal.  If branded properly your message is clear.  When your site has a clean and simple design that message is extremely easy to remember.  A website that is clean and simple with less distractions makes the site easy to navigate taking your viewer all the way through your website like the pages are chapters and they read the entire book..

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